Magician’s Story: Part 23

I realized that it has been too much time spent fantasizing and not enough time thinking about what to do. I knew I had to do something, but I was not sure what to do. I couldn’t go anywhere near the kingdom; escaping from execution wasn’t something that would allow you to be welcome back. I decided that my best course of action was to brainstorm ideas. I may not be the most skilled sorcerer but I have always been praised by my friends as a brilliant strategist. I decided to attempt to wander based on what I could find any traces of Sornow. For so much has been happening, it was hard to remember even why I was here in the first place. I was hoping that I didn’t have to run into anything while I wandered. And while traces of Sornow were absent, it was strange, because I was able to find some strange areas and things. There were some odd markings around some rock walls built around the area. Crumbled down and practically destroyed, there wasn’t much to find. But I stumbled upon a graveyard. I was able to read the name or anything, except for one. Essolin!


The way gravestones work in our world, they are usually bigger than what you have and had more detailed description of how they died, such as the location of the death and an easier way of understanding and how and when they died. The location was said to be near the forest. I noticed there were some trees covered completely in snow yet I realized something struck as odd. None of them were typical evergreens such as the pine yet all of them still had their leaves. It was hard to piece together but I realized that there were some clear scratching there. It was obvious that there were some disturbances.

Probably a wild animal. Definitely not a human. I studied the markings and it was getting harder and harder to see what was on the trees. I started to get a bad feeling in my stomach. That guy died where I was currently. I rechecked the gravestone and saw how he died. Killed by Screetch. If I had any idea of what a screetch was, I would’ve probably gone running. It took me a few minutes for me to realize the danger. I could figure out the scratchings in the destroyed areas including trees. No animal could have done that. Not even a pack of wolves. Whatever it was, it was dangerous. And my paranoia kicked in.

I tried to stay calm and closely observed the trees. Then I felt shocked. I tried to calm myself down and then I realized that it was not paranoia. There was something alive in there. Yet all I could see was its eyes.

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